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REVIEW – Revenge by Anne L. ParksRevenge: Of Demons & Stones, Book Two (Tri-Stone Trilogy 2) by Anne L. Parks
Series: A Tri-Stone Trilogy #2
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Recovering from a gunshot wound that nearly killed her, Kylie is tormented by her ex-boyfriend’s final words—to have her forever, even if it means she must die.
Desperate to regain her life, Kylie’s world is turned upside down when she discovers Alex betrayed her. The life she dreamed of now uncertain, she slips further into madness, convinced she is being stalked by John’s ghost.
Kylie fights to regain control of her life and salvage her relationship with Alex. Fearing she will never escape her ex-boyfriend’s revenge, she devises a plan to destroy her demon—at any cost.

This is book two in the “Tri-Stone Trilogy.” I loved the first book “Of Demons & Stones,” the story captivated me from the first page and had me wanting more at the end. Revenge had the same effect on me, I didn’t want to put the book down and when I had to my mind was always flipping back to wondering what would happen next in the book.

This second book follows Kylie as she’s recovering from an almost fatal incident that had us hanging at the end of the first book, and she’s experiencing a lot of mental problems, things such as paranoia and panic attacks and to find that Alex is pulling away from her for an unknown reason and she can’t figure out what to do. Alex finally opens up to her and for a while things seem to be going well. But then Kylie finds out that Alex had been lying to her about something big, and it all seems to fall apart again. I can feel all of Kylie’s emotions from Alex’s betrayal and she wasn’t the only one doubting his trust afterwards.  While she works on forgiving Alex so they can both be okay again, she’s working on one of the biggest cases she’s ever had to work on, involving the guiltiness of Alex’s murderous father. An emotional and dramatic trial for most involved, including myself, the reader. At the end, we’re left with another dramatic cliffhanger that has me wanting more.

Book one was amazing and book two didn’t at all disappoint and I’m very much anticipating book number three! Anne L. Parks is a wonderful author and I can’t wait to read more!