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REVIEW – Ryan’s Letters by Jax JillianRyan's Letters by Jax Jillian
Series: Larkin's Letters #2
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Ryan's Letters, the sequel to Jax Jillian's debut novel Larkin's Letters, takes readers on a journey with Ryan Boone as he struggles to completely come to terms with his wife's death. That struggle becomes even harder when Larkin's ghost comes to visit him each time he writes her a letter. But when Lux, a beautiful doctor, moves in next door and befriends Ryan, he must choose between Larkin's visits and a potential new love.

“Ryan’s letters” is the sequel to “Larkin’s Letters.” The first book left me in tears and a pain in my heart and the second definitely broke me. But it broke me in a good way, in a way, I would never wish I hadn’t experienced.

We follow Ryan as he is still trying to cope with the loss of his true love, his wife and lifelong best friend, Larkin which he lost nearly 8 months ago to her battle to leukemia. Ryan is simply drowning in his own grief and the need for Larkin and so he begins to write letters to her as she once did to him. He would burn them each night and sometimes, Larkin would visit him. With each visit Larkin paid to Ryan, she tried to help him move on. Tried to convince him it was okay to move on, it would be okay to love and it would be okay when the day came that she could no longer visit him. With each visit, I’ll tell you something, it was starting to heal him but my gosh it was breaking me to read. I grieved with Ryan, I loved with Ryan and I learned with Ryan. Through his letters and the help of Larkin, he really starts to get through his grieving and is able to start moving on with his life, including someone new in his life and learning to let them be there for him and letting himself be there for them.

Read these books! It will be worth your time and your tears because the writing is just as beautiful and magnificent as the story and the characters within it. These two books will forever remain on my favorites shelf and I will highly and happily recommend this book to my friends and anyone needing a gorgeous love story, a good cry, or both.