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REVIEW – 39 Days by J.L.Leslie30 Days (Morgan Family, #1) by J.L. Leslie
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I had a plan when I was nineteen. I would strip only until the bills were paid and I knew my sister and I wouldn’t be thrown out on the street. We would be financially stable. That was my plan. That was also three years ago. I’m still stripping.
I keep telling myself my life will change. I won’t do this much longer. I won’t need to. I don’t even believe that anymore. I still have bills. I still have a deadbeat mom. No idea where my father is. Or who he is.
Now my sister tells me she screwed up. Her future is at stake. One we’ve both worked hard for. There’s an offer for me. One I’ve refused twice now, but my resolve is slowly slipping. It’s just a job. He just wants to buy me for a little while.
He can buy me. But he’ll never own me.

30 Days is the first book in the Morgan Family series. Memphis became a stripper when she was 19 to support her and her sister when their mom left them . It was supposed to be temporary until they got on their feet but the bills keep coming and it’s now been 3 yrs. Memphis needs to find a way to make some serious cash quickly as her sister is in jeopardy of losing her college scholarship. She meets Cameron at Ecstasy the club she works at as a stripper. He offers her $150,000 to be just his for 30 days. She has denied this twice but the final time he asks she accepts to pay for her sisters tuition. She also made him agree to get her a job at his family law firm. When the 30 days are up and she starts her new job jealousy gets the best of Cameron. He doesn’t want to see her with any other men. Will they decide to give a relationship a try or do they say forget it since that is moving backwards from everything else they’ve done already?
I absolutely loved this book. The characters were well developed and very likable but Memphis was my favorite. This was a very hard book to put down. I’ve been reading every spare minute I’ve had the last few days. I’m sad I’ve finished but glad that I do have book 2 ready to start. If you’ve been hesitating on reading this don’t, just pick it up and it’ll drag you right in. J.L. Leslie has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I’ve loved every book I’ve read so far. I can’t wait to read more.I received an Arc in exchange for an honest review