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REVIEW – Love Classified by Liz CroweThe Omega Team: Love: Classified (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Liz Crowe
Series: Omega Team
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When a spring morning fog shuts down the Detroit Metro airport, Omega Team member Joey Preston is stranded along with thousands of others—including one harried young woman trying to get home to Kentucky.

Paige DiFerrari thanks fate for keeping her on the ground in Detroit, since all she really has waiting for her back home are disapproving parents and a wedding weekend her prettier, more successful, younger sister has planned. Preoccupied with thoughts of escaping the ordeal completely, thanks to the weather, she turns a corner of the crowded airport, gets coffee dumped down her front thanks to Joey, and her life changes forever.

What starts as a trick to convince her parents she has a cute, private security employed boyfriend, ends in a way neither Joey nor Paige expect once they get home and encounter the full force of the DiFerrari family dysfunction in the face of a stressful weekend. Before Joey leaves Kentucky for his next assignment, he must confront his feelings about Paige—the good and the bad—as well as reveal the truth about himself.

What a quick read. This book is great grabs you from the beginning and keeps going. I really enjoyed how she has given us a glimpse of probably one of my favorite series of her books the Love family, just a small one. I really enjoyed this book it’s part of the Kindle World and I have read 2 so far and they have been great. Kudos Liz Crowe.