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Review – Training a Wife by Trinity BlacioTraining a Wife (The Virgin Witch and the Vampire King, #4) by Trinity Blacio

Beth had hoped that with her marriage to four men (the Vampire King, the Alien King with diphallia, and the Alpha werewolves), things would settle down, but boy was she wrong. Death and betrayal seemed to be at every turn they made. The only thing Beth knew for sure was to stay close to her men and trust no one. Beth had always been taught to believe in the future and hope for the best, but how can she be the wife and mother she wants to be if this sick psycho knows her every move? How can Beth trust her own judgment when twice now her best friends have turned out to be her enemies?
Two powerful Kings and two alpha shifters should be able to keep their woman safe, but instead those they had trusted with her life had betrayed them time and time again. The only thing left for them to do is to leave her home planet and start anew. Together the five of them must start all over. One step at a time.
Ruling from afar, trusting only a select few, Vampire King Edward, Alien King Lucas, and Alphas Dred and Rock must prove they are more than capable of keeping her safe and satisfied.

Another pretty awesome book of Trinity Blacio’s that is now a fav of mine. This is the fourth book in the series and I’ve read each of them and loved them all.

As much as I adore Beth and realize all the tramatic crap she was going through, she did annoy me a few times with the whiney poor me. Yes, the males dropped the ball a bit but still. Her lack of confidence had me wanting to strangle her. *laughs* Three males dont just “pick” you.

The males each of them have something to offer totally different but combined to make a family unit. With danger their constant compainion they have to stay ready and alert. But also balance the clan/family with each other.

Trinity had Beth all over the place, with persons, places and events that will try to get a foothold in her life. Its all about being up front with your thoughts, communication and patience. Some pretty hot scenes w/BDSM elements I had to fan my face., I love how write touched a couple of different genre’s Paranormal, a bit of Sci-Fi, M/m, Menage, even a bit of mystery I think. Enjoy

Daria gives Training a Wife