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REVIEW – Of Demons and Stones by Anne L. ParksOf Demons & Stones (A Tri-Stone Trilogy, #1) by Anne L. Parks
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Kylie Tate is highly successful and focused on her future. No one sees the fear that consumes her, ravaged by demons from a past that left her distrustful of love.
Alex Stone is rarely denied. Not by business associates, and certainly not the women he dates and forgets. Romance is never an option. That is until beautiful, sexy, too damned independent Kylie comes into his life and frustrates the hell out of him. She sparks a desire in him to protect her from the one demon that haunts her - and threatens to destroy them both.
Pushed to her limit and unwilling to be a victim any longer, Kylie takes control of her life.
But a madman’s quest for revenge not only threatens to destroy the love she has finally found – but also her life.

This story is about an independent woman named Kylie who she is successful in her job as a lawyer. She then meets Alex Stone a billionaire who’s known to be a playboy and is never seen with the same woman twice. They meet by chance and start a romance together but they both have secrets in their pasts that could destroy them, both mental and physically.

I enjoyed this story. There was a lot of mystery as to Kylie and Alex’s past, Kylie’s secrets are revealed fairly early in the book but we don’t get to find out Alex’s secret until near the end of the book and Alex’s secrets were quite a surprise I wasn’t expecting. Throughout the book there is a lot of back and forth between Kylie and Alex’s due to their insecurities and hesitation to trust each other. Kylie is always threatening to leave Alex, and Alex is always trying to interfere in Kylie’s work. There is also a murder case in the middle of the story that Kylie is involved in trying to prove a man’s innocence which I though was really cool. The ending was a real big surprise that I did not see coming. And the book ends on a cliffhanger.