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REVIEW – Roughing It by Elizabeth BlackRoughing It by Elizabeth Black
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When a strange outbreak occurs at a lakeside campground, Jake Walker and Lance Cameron investigate. Not only are they biologists, they’re lovers who share a passion for science.
The outbreak has locals terrified. Nine campers become sick; four die, and one victim reports an increase in her sex drive so serious, she attacks her best friend's husband. Is this lustiness caused by the disease? What’s behind the odd rainstorm that falls over a small geographic area and the strange red dust around the cabins? Is this outbreak a new disease or something much more dire?
Together Jake and Lance must find the cause before others are infected ... and before they come down with the plague themselves.

This was a quick read. The characters were pretty easy to like but it seemed to me that the pace of this book went slow in spots. It kept my attention until the end.
Both Jake and Cameron are scientists and they are sent to find out about some kind of disease that has taken over people in a small town. The only thing that is different is that the sex drive gets really high with the people who are sick which makes them do things that they wouldn’t normally do. Jake wasn’t feeling well when they headed out but that wouldn’t stop him from doing his job. I was a little disappointed when I found out what was wrong with Jake, it really didn’t go with the story line in my opinion. The sex was ok, nothing to really get all hot about. Maybe a little more detail would’ve been better for me.
I would read another story from this author because overall her writting is good and enjoyable.