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REVIEW – Not Second Best by Christa B MauriceNot Second Best by Christa Maurice
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No more solos for this heart . . .

As a lawyer at Touchstone management, Tessa's position brings her up close and personal to some of the world's biggest heartthrobs. Sometimes that intimacy crosses professional lines, which is understandable considering Tessa's impressive contact list. But when rock star Brian Ellis set her aside for the girl of his dreams, Tessa can't help wonder if "spinster aunt" is her true vocation. Which explains her hook-up with rising star Brett Cherney at Brian's celebrity wedding . . .

As the lead singer of BroRide, Brett has lived the rock-n-roll bad-boy lifestyle to the very hilt. But when the girl of his dreams marries fellow rocker Brian Ellis, he buries his disappointment in the arms of an older woman. The following morning, Brett realizes what he experienced was only the beginning of a song he's been trying to write all his life. It's a seductive theme, which Tessa falls for again and again, but getting her to believe they have a hit is turning out to be far from a sure thing . . .

This was a good read. Didn’t take extremely long to read and the pace was steady and not really any slow parts. ┬áThe sex was HOT and I smelt smoke coming from my tablet.
Tessa and Brett are like everyone else in the world who love someone who doesn’t return those particular feelings. Everyone needs someone to take their mind of what is bothering them and a one night stand is exactly what both of them need! What happens when surprise feelings pop up? Of course, you deny them!!

This had a few laugh out loud moments. I really did like both Tessa and Brett!