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I’ve had the pleasure for the last eight or so months of working with Author Claire Thompson.  Claire is a publishing veteran with over 20 years in the industry and more then 70 titles.  Her works are primarily described as “Dark Romance” with both m/f and m/m relationships including.  Claire takes readers on a journey through the darker side of BDSM and her “darker works press the envelope of what is erotic and what can be a sometimes dangerous slide into the world of sadomasochism.”

Check the end of this interview, Claire has a giveaway for anyone interested.


DH: So, what is your latest/upcoming release?

CT: Hunted – a dark and edgy abduction tale. Too hot for Amazon, they have banned the book for sale on their site! Here is the blurb:

“Your former life is over. Your apartment will be emptied, your car disposed of, your life erased. You are now the property of Pirate Island, to be used and enjoyed as we see fit. Your life is quite literally in our hands.”

Mara Stevens jumps at the chance for a job at a new premier resort on the North Carolina coast. All she has to do is fly out to the private island and get through one more interview. Unfortunately, what should be a shiny new career opportunity turns into a living nightmare.

Upon landing, she learns the truth. She’s been taken to serve as a plaything to the owners and their chosen guests—high-powered, dangerous men who see her as nothing more than their sexual toy to use and abuse at their whim.

With no escape possible, Mara is forced to submit to the training and discipline of a sadistic taskmaster—or suffer the consequences. Good girls are rewarded; bad girls are punished—severely. Deep into her harrowing journey of forced sexual servitude and submission, Mara becomes prey for The Hunt. Naked and alone, Mara must summon all her courage and cunning, drawing on the indomitable spirit that still secretly burns inside her.

DH: Where can we buy or see your books?

CT: All of my books are available for sale at Romance Unbound Publishing ( ) in mobi/kindle, epub and pdf formats. This is my indie publishing site, and the best place to find all my work. Most of my work can also be found on Amazon (except those too hot and sexy for them to handle), iTunes, Smashwords, Kobo and Barnes & Noble

DH: Give us an insight into your main character of Mara. What does she do that is so special?

CT: When Mara finds herself forcibly abducted and claimed by the evil men of Pirate Island, she learns to adapt, or at least pretend to, while never losing that inner spark that keeps her will to survive and escape alive. In the end, though, she is just a young woman facing huge odds. I tried to write the character as a real person, fallible and frightened, sensual and alive, full of resolve, but also dealing with incredible adversity.

DH: What draws you to this genre?

CT: I have always loved exploring the darker aspects of the human psyche, and I adore all things BDSM. Putting the two together, I strive to create “villains” who are deliciously evil, but also fallible, flawed individuals who do exhibit sparks of humanity beneath their cruel exteriors. In other words, I try to create real people who behave and react in realistic ways in what is, of course, a fantasy situation.

DH: Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?

CT: I like to write in the early morning, when I’m still fresh and full of energy. Give me two cups of coffee, set me in front of the keyboard and… I’m off!

DH: Where do your ideas come from?

CT: Deep within the recesses of my admittedly very dirty mind!

DH: What was the hardest thing about writing your latest book?

CT: Keeping up the intensity while bringing Mara through various stages of adapting to a horrific (but also erotic) situation. And the ending – while I wanted Mara to find redemption, happiness and love, and I wanted the bad guys to get their just desserts, I also wanted it to be realistic and compelling, rather than formulaic and too pat.

DH: Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?

CT: I read constantly and avidly. I love Robert B Parker for a quick, escapist read. I enjoy Amy Bloom, Anne Perry, JK Rowling (and her alter ego, Robert Galbraith), George R. R. Martin, Walter Mosley, Justin Cronin, David Mitchell, Louise Penny, Margaret Atwood, Michael Connelly, Phillipa Gregory and Sue Grafton to name a very few!

DH: Do you have any hobbies/past times?

CT: I love to swim in the ocean and I sing with a professional philharmonic chorus. For many years I was in a folk band and ran an open mic/coffeehouse for charity and fun. I love to do needlework, especially petit point, and I design my own canvases.

DH: What advice would you give to those just starting in the industry?

CT: Write what your heart dictates, rather that to the latest market trend (even if that means Amazon will ban it!!). Create a good product, and build up a body of work. LISTEN to your editors, and find people who will tell you the truth, not what you want to hear.

DH: Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included?

CT: I published with big houses for many years. I struck out on my own as an indie author back in 2007. For many years I did very well, but with the advent of Kindle Unlimited and Amazon’s (as well as Kobo and other sites) crackdown on erotica, as well as the explosion of ebook offerings by any and everyone, which has resulted in serious dilution in the marketplace, it has become harder and harder to find and capture a market share. I welcome interviews like this to help spread the word that Claire Thompson is still out there, with over 70 novels published, and no plans of stopping any time soon!

DH: How can readers discover more about you and you work?


Publishing site:




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All of Claire’s books can be found at in all ebook file formats or in limited availability at all major ebook retailers (subject to the retailers terms and conditions all titles by Claire might not be found, but ALL titles are available through


I’ve been writing for nearly two decades, and have published over 60 novels. I write BDSM romance and non-con abduction tales, spanning both m/f and m/m genres. My love affair is with all things D/s (Dominance/submission). My work began as a romantic exploration of the BDSM life style, and then veered somewhat to the darker side of fantasy. I love delving into the dark psyche of a twisted mind, and gaining insight into what might motivate such a person to do what they do. I don’t create all black and white villains and heroes, but rather strive to develop real, complex and flawed human beings. I don’t want to simply provide an erotic thrill or evocative description. I seek not only to tell a story, but to come to grips with, and ultimately exalt in the true beauty and spirituality of a loving exchange of power. My darker works press the envelope of what is erotic and what can be a sometimes dangerous slide into the world of sadomasochism. Ultimately my work deals with the human condition, and our constant search for love and intensity of experience.



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