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REVIEW – In Fertile Ground: Dark Erotica by Giselle RenardeIn Fertile Ground: Dark Erotica by Giselle Renarde
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When did I find out my first time would be given to Our Leader? I’ve always known. It’s the same for every girl here. After we come of age, we submit to the one man who is more than man, more than human. He is our high priest, godly in stature. His seed must be spread among every young woman at the commune. Each of us will bear a babe for him, each wife in turn.

Today my time has come. Our wedding night awaits…

This was a good short read! The book is about a commune (cult) that the leader takes the girls who become of age as his wife. It is the womens job to carry his “god-child” because that is what their body was made for. Miriam is the next one who will become his wife and she knows nothing about sex or how she will get pregnant. 
It is a sweet story about a girls innocence and a man who takes the time to introduce her to sex in a gentle and kind way. Miriam’s innocence is a refreshing change from most of the books that have sex in them. I enjoyed this one quite a bit.