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REVIEW – Lexington and 42nd by Kim CarmodyLexington and 42nd (Off Field, #1) by Kim Carmody
Series: The Off Field Series
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It was meant to be the job opportunity of a life time.
It turned out to be so much more…
At the age of twenty five, Emma Lexington takes off to New York on a once in a life time twelve-month job exchange with the New York Warriors. Determined to make the most of the opportunity, she prepares herself for life in the big apple—fast paced, exciting and a whole lot of fun. What she hasn’t prepared for though, is meeting him.
The charming Will Jensen is in the prime of his playing career. As the star quarterback for the Warriors, his carefree, football centric life is thrown into disarray when he meets Emma, the beautiful, easy going Australian girl who joins the Warriors staff.
Unwilling to throw her professional reputation away on a fling with the playboy quarterback, Emma turns down Will’s advances, even though she can’t deny the attraction she feels for him. Their pull toward one another grows, but it takes a near disaster for Emma to finally give Will a chance.
Getting together might have been hard, but figuring out how to stay together will prove even more challenging as Emma must decide between conflicting loyalties.
Lexington and 42nd is a fun, sexy romance, set in the exciting world of the NFL in the fabulous city of New York.

This book started out pretty good than just got very slow it was about 75% when it picked up again. After that it was good. The female character really seemed believable she’s trying to do a good job with the organization and doesn’t want to get involved in a work place romance especially with the guy every one warns her about.

I was gifted this book for a fair and honest review.