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Laugh out loud funny is exactly what this book is to me! I had to bite my blanket so I wouldn’t wake the hubby up laying next to me, this is how loud and hard I was laughing.

Kat is a bad-a$$, or she wants everyone to think. She doesn’t take any kind of crap from anyone and the middle finger is her best friend. But everyone has emotions and they will surface from time to time, no matter how hard you try to ignore them.  Kat tells everyone exactly how it is with no qualms about what people’s reaction would be. She has a great job and owns her own home and only needs to visit her mom on holidays. Everything is right in her world until she answers her door and finds her mother on her doorstep. I so can  relate to the mother – daughter relationship that isn’t the greatest and I could see my mom and I having these exact conversations. Especially when her mom finds her “Peen” collection! OMG I have never laughed so hard at something!! Kat doesn’t do relationships, she is of a more of a hookup and leave it kind of girl. She gave her heart away once and that ended up with nothing but hurt, that won’t happen again. Kat’s tell all attitude is refreshing! She calls it like she sees it and that’s why I relate to her so well because I do too! Has gotten me into a load of trouble just like her lol.

One of my favorite quotes in this book is Kat: I’ve heard talk of this bed twice now, yet I don’t see it, and my clothes are still on.” I felt sorry for the guy but he had it coming. I can’t say enough about this book. If you like a girl who is far from a lady but yet likes unicorns then this is your book! Not to mention the sex is pretty damn good!  I can not wait to read the next book!