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REVIEW – Valley of Whispers: The King’s Miracle by Trinity BlacioValley of Whispers: The King's Miracle by Trinity Blacio, Instiable Designs
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Morgan Hobill had waited a lifetime to find the perfect man and she had him, but only for two years, until he vanished. Back at the cabin he had given her last year, Morgan was giving it one more shot on Christmas Eve. Would his story come true? Would she be granted her one Christmas wish, him?

I really enjoyed this short read.  I wasn’t sure what to expect since I have never read one of this Authors books but I was greatly surprised.
Morgan Hobill lost the only man she loved . He left without any word and just walked out of her life before she could tell him she was pregnant. So she went to their cabin in the woods where she wanted to spend Christmas where it meant the most to both of them. She was going to have her son be with her and she would remember all the good times. What she didn’t know was she was in for a big surprise. A nice surprise but a big one none the less.
I love surprises like this one and there was even some humor put in with the sexiness of this book!! This is one you really have to read!