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REVIEW – His Touch by Crystal RedHis Touch by Crystal Red
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Kayla Emerson has worked for Grover Toys as Jeff Grover's personal assistant for the past four years. She just wants to relax on her way to Hawaii, but that won't happen with her boss ordering her around like his servant.
When a storm forces the passengers on their cruise to abandon ship, everyone is forced to escape in lifeboats. Of course Kayla gets stuck with Jeff and they get lost on an island. Alone, away from their work environment, Jeff shows her a nicer side of himself, and she starts to think differently of him. But is this the real Jeff, or could it all be an act?

This one was a good read but it really didn’t excite me very much. The characters were likeable and the description of the island was good because I could actually see it in my head. There just seemed to be some spark missing. 

Kayla Emerson was Jeff Grovers assistant and he treated her like she was lower than scum. He didn’t treat her with respect or talk to her but instead he yelled at her and treated her more like a slave. They go on a business cruise and the boat takes on water and they end up in a life boat together and end up stranded on an island.  Now things happen and I just can’t understand if a guy treats you like crap, why would you even consider certain things, let alone do certain things? I guess I think too much when it comes to this. There is sex but it seems robotic and just doesn’t really do anything for me. 

Just because I feel this way doesn’t mean you will, so read it and make up your own mind. Everyone has different taste . There were things I liked and things I didn’t like but you may feel different.