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Malakai by Cree Nations

Malakai has a bit of everything in one awesome book! There are US Marshalls, bikers, and crooked lawmen! This book and the rest of the series will grab you by the seat of the pants and take you for one hell of a ride!‎FREE on KU

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Malakai left behind his home, his family, and his girl – Liberty.
Now he’s coming home and he’s not that young seventeen year old, he’s bigger, meaner, and a legally trained killer.

Liberty Rawlins was sixteen years old when Malakai left her angry and with an aching heart. It didn’t matter she knew he wasn’t to blame the end result was the same – she was alone. Now he’s coming home. Home to more tragedy than he knows. How will she tell him? Will he still want her? Things are not the same – it’s been five years.


Home. He was going home. Lieutenant Malakai Stone was on his way home, this time for good. Liberty lived on Blue Holly Farm, and they’d talked about settling down there and raising a family. She and Emma – her best friend – owned and operated an Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation and he wanted to finish Vet school and work with them.

Zach’s words kept running through his mind, you need to come home Kai. It’s Mom, she’s had another heart attack and it doesn’t look good. He’d grabbed his go bag and called his friend and told him he was going to Texas. “Thought you wanted in on this op?” Jackson asked him. “We’re wheels up in an hour.”

“It’s my Mom. She’s had another heart attack. I’m going home.” His voice broke on those words and he’d barely heard Jack tell him to go. He’d managed to grab a ride out with one of the choppers, and then luck was in his favor and he was able to get a flight from Virginia to Dallas. Jackson had no family, except his father, so work was all he did – and he often had a difficult time grasping why everyone wasn’t consumed with work like he was.

Once they were on the ground and the plane taxied up to the dock and he grabbed his bag from the overhead and waited his turn to exit the plane. Since 9/11 the security was tighter and no one was allowed to meet the planes at the gates so he took off at a run and made his way up the crowded hall, pulling his cell phone out of his pocket. Before he could dial he heard a familiar voice calling out to him. He looked up and saw Caleb, one of his brothers, and he felt even more panic set in seeing the expression on his face. Close up he saw how red his brother’s eyes were and he sucked in a breath, “Is she?” He couldn’t even get the rest of his fear out.


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This had great action all throughout the book. Never a dull moment! Not to mention all the hot sex that takes place. Man my tablet was sweating pretty bad ( or maybe that was me ). I have never read a book from this particular author but this one will NOT be the last one I read! I am hooked!

Malakai got railroaded into the Navy because one girl who was jealous because she couldn’t hook Malakai Stone. He wanted nothing to do with her, his heart belonged to Libby and now that he was home, he was going to make sure everyone knew Libby was his! Cripple Creak is being run by a sheriff who has dealings that are illegal and most of the town is in his pocket. But Malakai will protect what is his and make sure the enemy pays for even trying to harm his family.

This book has a lot of depth to it. There are many things going on at once but it kept me turning the pages quicker and quicker every time. So much exciting action not to mention the so HOT sex scenes. I cried and laughed because Libby is just as demanding like Malakai but it’s such a wonderful relationship between them. No matter what happens they will always be there for each other and the rest of the family. Many many heavy hitters that make this book so darn good. Deserves so much more than the 5 Stars. The characters were easy to hate and others so very easy to love. This is a great book and I can’t wait to read more from this very talented author.



I like to think I’m a tart and tangy blend of Texan and I speak fluent redneckaneze. I’ve lived in Texas all my life, except for a brief stint in Columbus, Georgia. I was born and raised in a small East Texas town and moved with my parents to Houston – where I graduated High School – I went to college – got married and had two sons (not specifically in that order). My sons are now grown and have given me six grandchildren.

I currently live in a small house with my Great Pyrenees Matilda and my cat Sadie Milo. After raising my sons I now have the time to follow my dream of writing and being a published author. My debut book, Texas Heat a Stone Brothers Series-Malakai, was published in March, and I am currently writing the second book in the series – Tucker.

My first love is poetry and I have a collection of poems that can be found at I love the written word and I am an avid reader.

You can find me staring out the window with my fingers busily tapping on the keys of my laptop – hoping to entertain you with my books.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or