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REVIEW – The Redemption of Julian Price by Victoria VaneThe Redemption of Julian Price by Victoria Vane, Jenny Toney-Quinlan
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She gave him a chance to bury his past… but the price would be his heart..
Burdened by the past… Orphaned at a young age and left to run wild, at eighteen Julian Price joins the fight against Napoleon in the hope of attaining honor. Devastated when his best friend, Thomas, is killed in battle, Julian returns home burdened with guilt, only to find his wastrel uncle has squandered his inheritance.
Desperate to live her own life… Facing a future of drudgery caring for her aging mother and raising her brother’s children, Henrietta Houghton believes her chance at a real life died with Thomas, the only man who ever wanted her. But Henrietta is still full of dreams. When her wealthy aunt, offers her a gift of ten thousand pounds, Henrietta finally has the chance to choose her own destiny.
Everything has a price...With a fortune at her command, Henrietta offers Julian a marriage of convenience, unaware that she really offers Julian a means of salvation—not just his fortune, but his very soul.

This was nice book, I don’t usually like historical romances but this one was really good. I love the connection and friendship between Henrietta and Julian. They were meant to be together. Love how Henrietta wanted to help Julian and how they finally come to admit their feelings for each other. Really good story.