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Review – Go Away by K.C. SprayberryGo Away by K.C. Sprayberry
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Lainie’s older stepbrother, Mark, is the bane of her existence. He always embarrasses her. She swears she hates him… until a terrible day when she realizes just the opposite is true.

I thought this book was good but it was very short and l would’ve liked a little more information on some things and in places it seemed rushed but this is my opinion and it may not be yours.

Be careful what you wish for is always a good rule to follow not that any of us really thinks our wishes will come true. Lainie has a stepbrother Mark who is always taking any chance to embarrass her in front of strangers, friends or anyone that is around. Lainie has always wished he would go away and never come back and when something happens that Mark won’t be back, she feels guilty because she wished this on him.  Because this was a short read, you really don’t get to get into how much guilt she felt and I would’ve liked to have a little more about how Lainie felt after everything happened. But toward the end, I do smile because Lainie does shine and I could feel the excitement she felt. 

This is a good book to read if you like short stories. Just because I have feelings that it was jumped around a little to much more for my taste doesn’t mean you won’t feel something different. I do like the writing style and I will read more from this author in the future if given the chance.