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Title: Clash
Author: C.A. Harms
Genre: Contemporary NA Romance
Published: April 12, 2016
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
It was time to fight back. 

Time to live. 

Too much of my life had already been taken from me by a man that should have protected me. At the hands of pure evil, I have lived in fear. When most young women were learning to love, I was fighting to live. 
I had broken free of the hate. 
Finally getting the chance to feel what real love was, but with all good things, bad times seem to follow. At least for me it does. My name is Payton Walters and I refused to allow them any more of my freedom. 
I will not fall… 
Not this time.

I was eleven years old when Maggie, my mother, left. Just packed her bags and walked away. She just couldn’t deal with it anymore; the hate and anger were all too much. But there was something I would never understand. Why did she choose to leave me behind? It was something I often wondered.
That was seven years ago.
Seven long years of dealing with the backlash of her absence. My father had always been a broody, irritable man—extremely unapproachable. I guess that was one of the reasons my mother chose to leave. That, and the fact he was a heavy drinker. Alcohol, to him, was like breathing; it was something his body had to have to survive. His perpetual intoxication almost always led to a fight between them—a physical fight full of anger. For days, I would see the marks of those disagreements gracing my mother’s beautiful face. He tore her down whenever and however he could. I remember lying in bed at night wishing I could stop him, hoping for someone, anyone, to take my mother and me away to safety.
At all costs, I found myself doing whatever I could to avoid him. Though he never lay a hand on me before Maggie left, things changed afterward. He became even angrier and more violent; I never even thought that was possible. Those nights of terror I used to listen to my mother live through now became my own.
It didn’t matter what I did or how much I abandoned, in his eyes I still screwed everything up. He blamed me for all that was wrong in his life; it all fell at my feet.
Soon it would all be over; I had plans. All I had to do was finish these last few months of school and I could escape forever. No matter what it took, or how many jobs I had to work, I would be rid of John Walters.

This book is written about a subject that nobody likes to talk about , let alone write about and I am so glad this author wrote this story about one little girl who was abused in ways that made my skin crawl.
Payton Walters had a horrible childhood. Her dad was abusive toward her mother and when her mother walked out, he turned on Payton. She learned how to handle the abuse and never told a soul except her best friend but when the nightmare finally ends, Payton can look toward the future and leave the past in the past. Too bad our past usually catches up with us at some point and so did Payton’s.
Payton is such a strong character and I was rooting for her all through this book. This book brought me to tears because no one should ever have to live with abuse and her father knew how to give some very horrible abuse. She won’t let her so called father make her a victim any longer, she will not stumble and give him the satisfaction of seeing her suffer. She will have her happy ending even if it means maybe in death. Death is hanging around just waiting for her to give up. I don’t know if I could be as strong as she was with what she goes through but she won’t give up this fight even if it means doing things she never thought she would have to do. The point of view from each character was awesome. I love to know exactly what the characters are thinking and feeling. It helps me connect with them even better.
This book had an impact on me for a number of reasons but mostly because the author pulled me into the world that does exist and always has but she made the characters so real, just normal everyday people that I could know. Abuse is everywhere but Payton can either stay a victim or come out of the ashes and proof how strong she really is!

3 stars

C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn’t always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.


She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.