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Musa Publishing is thrilled to announce its GLBT Imprint, Erato, has a Brand New Release today:
Colonists Like Us, a novel by Fay Lee

About Colonists Like Us:
Love is natural. So is fear.
When you have a sister as special as Emmy-Lou, you’ll do anything to protect her—even sign up to colonize an empty planet, far from Earth and someone to touch, to hold or to love.
No-one could have predicted the consequences of that decision.
But when love turns to fear, when humanity’s future lies in the balance, when you may be the only one to guess the truth… Who will you turn to?
Book Details:
Title: Colonists Like Us
Author Name: Fay Lee
ISBN-13: 978-1-68009-010-9
Price: $.99
Word Count: 6,550
Genre: Sci-fi, GLBT
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About the Author:
Fay Lee followed the adage that “the best science fiction writers are engineers”. Now, after two decades of developing technical understanding, honing research skills and learning to write on demand, the need to create fiction is asserting itself with the insistence of a slowly blossoming bomb.
She pines for a cat and to travel more but recognizes that these are mutually incompatible without serious advances in genetic engineering, teleportation or the responsibility levels of her neighbors’ children.