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REVIEW – Manaconda 2: The Second Coming by Cari Quinn and Taryn ElliotManaconda: The Second Coming (Hammered, #1.5) by Taryn Elliott, Cari Quinn

You know that awful sound your stereo makes when you drag your needle over a record?
For those of you that have never listened to a record…shame on you. Dude, go Google that sh!t right now. Better yet, buy a record player and get your learn on.
Anyway, that sound that makes you wince and leap for the volume? Yeah. That's the soundtrack of my life right now.
I got the girl and I lost her. I wasn't supposed to. That wasn't in the script.
Now I gotta Ferris Bueller this sh!t and pull a parade out of my ass to get the girl back.
THIS IS A FREE read - this was an unplanned second part of MANACONDA and we wanted to make sure our readers were very happy. Eventually the titles will be combined.

Thank you for the short wait for the next book in this series. I love that Hunter has a romantic softer side and is willing to woo Kennedy to try and win her back. WIll he be successful? Will there be a HEA? Read book 1 Manaconda 1st then this book to find out! Looking forward to Manhandled, Keys story.