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REVIEW – Aryn’s Desire by Zoey DerrickAryn's Desire (Finding Submission #1) by Zoey Derrick
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A BRAND NEW Series featuring the bodyguards of Bold International, Inc!
The tour is over, now what? 

Aryn “Beck” Becker has nothing but time on his hands and a strong lack of women in his bed. His vacant bed is by choice, the plain and simple fact is, they’re boring him.
Unable to shake the nagging feeling that he’s missing something in his life, Dex decides to bring him along to The Box and introduce him to the kinkier side of sex and relationships.
Beck’s heart is set, he’ll find a great woman willing to be his submissive, he’ll train and hopefully find happiness inside the club. 
 When a scene enraptures him, he’s surprised by his own desire and the Top that can bring him to his knees.
** CONTENT WARNING ** The following book is an erotic romance that depicts detailed scenes of sex between M/F, M/F/M, M/M/F and M/M and also contains a BDSM Themed storyline.

This is a spin-off to the 69 Bottles series. Aryn “Beck” Becker was the security guard for Dex (also his best friend) from 69 Bottles. The tour is over and Beck is bored!! Life is boring off the tour at home and bar babes one-night stands aren’t as fun at tour babes! Dex invites him to go to” THE BOX” a BDSM club to introduce him to the kinkier side of sex & D/s relationships. Beck always in control, thinks he’s a DOM/TOP but…… READ for the full story and many surprises!!!! This story is well written!!! It contains lots of hot erotic romance& sex between M/F, M/F/M, and M/M and BDSM, For mature readers!!!!