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Title: Desperately Seeking Epic
Author: B N Toler
Release Date: March 23, 2016
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Paul James loved Clara Bateman.
Hating her would have been easier.

She was the past, and he was hell-bent on keeping her there.

Or so he thought…


You’re my father.

I don’t know much about you. I know your name is Paul James,

you’re a thrill seeker, and once upon a time you did stunts and people called you


I’ve been told you don’t know about me. That it’s


But for me it’s simple.

Here’s the thing: I’m twelve years old…and I’m


And as much as this could crush my mother, I have to meet you before I


In time, I’m sure she’ll understand. She’s still in love

with you.

So, Epic, if you read this, please come back. You don’t have to be my

dad. You don’t even have to tell me you love me or you’re sorry. Just come see


Patiently waiting, but running out of


Awesome! Fantastic! Emotional , Heart Wrenching and filled with plenty of love and humor is how I would describe this story. Describing how a mother and daughter go through a dreadful disease by each of their own point of view, opened my eyes and pulled me in from the very first page. I can not every imagine  having my daughter get sick and watch her as the disease takes over but with this story gave me a little glimpse into what it might be like. The good and bad times.
The main character is Neena who is twelve and dying and wants to find her dad before she dies. This story takes you from that point all the way till the end. Through the fun times and the bad times but it’s done with in a way you can’t help fall in love with Neena, Clara, Marcus and Paul. I cried plenty of tears where I could barely see the words on the page and I cried tears even while laughing but I really cried at the end of the story because it is written in a way that made me cry pretty hard This story really affected me because it deals with a real disease and somewhere in the world this story could really be a Neena’s story, that made it real for me. I , as a mother think its effect on me will be more than the average person because of thinking of having one of my children die is heartbreaking and hope I never have to do this but even when you are dealing with something so bad, there is always something or someone that is your light at the end of the tunnel and Neena found hers and I believe her mom did too. You read this story and you decide.


B N Toler lives in Virginia. When she’s not reading and writing, she’s

thinking about reading and writing. Before she became a self-proclaimed writer, she worked as a real

estate agent and as an orthodontic technician. **She will notice your teeth before your eyes or hair or



She enjoys shopping (way too much) and is on a first name basis with several

employees at the local Target in her town.


She loves music,(bluegrass, country, 80’s, actually she loves most music ~her

favorite song is American Pie by Don McLean and she worships anything that is Elvis and Johnny Cash

and Eric Church) dancing, (even though she sucks at it)reading, writing, eating (too much) sleeping late,

(which she rarely gets to do) and laughing. If you can make her laugh, she will love you