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REVIEW – Loving Dangerously (A Bodyguard Box Set) by Multiple AuthorsLoving Dangerously by Laramie Briscoe, Kate Baum, Deanndra Hall, Seraphina Donavan, Stella Hunter, Paige Morris, Christina Tomes
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Seven stories of hot, bodyguards and the women who love them.
CIARAN (Blood & Bourbon 1.5) by Seraphina Donavan
Ciaran Darcy has the skills to protect Loralei Crawford from the drug dealers that want her dead. But given the epic way he screwed up their relationship, she doesn’t trust him beyond that. He just has to keep them both alive long enough to change her mind, and to show her that she can trust him not just with her life, but her heart.
KIDNAPPED by Christina Tomes
Nothing scared Rebecca Peyton. Not men. Not running a billion-dollar development company. Certainly not any kidnapping threats. When the threats become more serious, Rebecca's company hires Carolina Security and an old family friend to protect her. Lucas Hamilton has always been a shadow. First behind the Calhoun family, then behind the scenes in the military, now he's behind the only person who has ever seen him, Rebecca. Hired to protect her from kidnappers, his plans to keep her safe are made complicated when she breaks down the walls around his heart.
CONTRACT MARRIAGE by Laramie Briscoe
Penelope and Parker Torres are by all accounts a happily married couple. They play up to America, and they do their job in front of the camera. Behind the scenes, there is someone who wants to hurt, Penelope, but neither of them know who, where, or why. A snapshot in the life of a celebrity is just that – one moment of their life. They see what we want them too, behind the scenes it’s all contracts and legalities. But what happens when the lines blur and protection is more like love?
Bodyguard to a bullied high school girl - that’s definitely not the assignment Hayden Patterson wanted. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that the victim is really the bully, however, and Hayden’s left to deal not only with his sympathy for the real victim, but with the feelings her mother brings to the surface of his tattered heart too. When an even bigger threat looms over the quiet, lonely teen, it’s all he can do to keep her safe while trying to remember his biggest rule: Hayden Patterson only sleeps with a woman once. And he’s afraid if he’s not careful, her mom is the one woman who could make him break that rule.
TANGLED VOWS by Stella Hunter
Army veteran Bailey Lennox usually enjoys her job as a bodyguard for Halvard Protection Services. When she’s assigned to work with the famous movie star Everett Parker however, she’s reluctant to play the part of Everett’s girlfriend at his sister’s wedding. In such close quarters, she must decide where to draw the line between their mutual attraction and her professional ethics.
SAFE MODE: A Masters Protection Case File by Paige Morris
Willow James is a female IT specialist in a position where a woman is not wanted. Her superiors decide that hiring a man, Cyrus Masters, in her place to do a routine installation, while she poses as his secretary will fix the problem at hand.

This anthology was made up of bodyguard stories and they are hot. Here are my favorites. 

Deanndra Hall (One Broken Promise)
I love the Love Under Construction universe and all it’s spin-off stories including this one. I loved the emotional growth of Hayden and the chemistry that he had with Delaina, they were hot together. I also loved how much he cared for and wanted to protect Kacey. Of course the Walters clan is always there with open arms to new people and take care of their own. A great addition to the series. 

Laramie Briscoe )Contract Marriage)
This story was about a popular movie actress who has a secret, her husband is also her bodyguard, they play the perfect couple in public but in private they are less than in love or are they? Really liked the chemistry between the characters and how they grow over the course of the story even though it wasn’t long it had a good evolution of the characters.

Christina Tomes (Kidnapped)
This story was about a woman who is the owner of a business and she gets a ransom note. At first she doesn’t believe it’s real and her cousin sets up a bodyguard for her who turns out to be a crush from when she was younger. The sexual tension between the characters was fun and the banter between the two of them when they are kidnapped is super funny. Loved the ending.