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A Love Story in Three Parts
By Hannah Seevers
Genre: Romance, Literary Fiction


Justine Holland is living quite a normal life (thank you very much). She’s a successful artist, upper middle class, pregnant with baby number one, and twenty-seven. But her cozy life is turned on its head when her husband, Sean, finally realizes what everyone else already has- he’s actually in love with his best college mate, Gabriel. Even though everyone says she’s nuts, Justine decides that having the enigmatic Czech man around might not be such a bad idea. Who knows? All she does know is that losing either of them isn’t an option. Break all the rules, shatter all the traditions. Will it be perfect? Or a perfect disaster…


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started reading this book but I was greatly surprised when I started reading. I know some of the polyamory life but this gave me a little more insight into the life style.
There are three main characters in this story. First we have Justine and Sean who are married. They love each other like other married couples and they seem very happy. Then we have Gabriel, a very close friend but they consider him family. Justine has noticed for sometime the way Sean and Gabriel look at each other and this is something she has to come to terms with in her marriage. Sean does admit that him and Gabriel have feelings for each other but Sean loves Justine also. I have to say I admire the way Justine handled the news when she finally got confirmation that everything she was thinking was true. I know for a fact I would have acted very very badly. 
These three have learned to live a life with each other. You can tell there is so much love between all of them. Justine is pregnant and that is also a big part of the story. I give these characters so much credit because their lives could have ended so much differently but all of them wanted each other to be happy. The only way they all could be happy was to work on this problem and find an answer that all could live with and that does happen but only with a lot of work. 
I recommend this book because it is not the typical love story but the characters could be anyone in this world living the lifestyle. I have learned a long time ago just because you may not understand something doesn’t make it wrong, it just means you need to try and understand it a little more and open your mind to the possibilities of something different. This is not for everyone but to who do live this way, I applaud you for being yourself and not letting the public determine the way you live.
Barb gives A Love Story in Three Parts

Author Bio:

An author who blurs lines and pushes envelopes. Hannah hails from Southeastern Indiana, but considers Austin, TX and South Korea home. When she’s not saving the world, the author’s strapping husband lives with her and their redheaded wondertwins. A Love Story in Three Parts is her first published novel.
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Twitter: @hannahseevers