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REVIEW – Can’t Forget Her by Molly McLainHope Falls: Can't Forget Her (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Molly McLain
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Ryan Croft has three goals—enjoy his Tahoe vacation, figure out why the hell he’s so restless and, once and for all, forget about the woman who broke his heart nine years ago.
Rosemary Shaw has three goals, too—do the best job she can for her movie-star boss, settle into Hope Falls as quickly as possible and, at long last, come to terms with her past.
Running into each other after all this time? Not the plan. Feeling the same sizzle and spark after all this time? Not on the agenda, either, but since when does anything in life go as planned?
The chemistry between these former lovers is undeniable. Then again, so is the guilt and broken trust.

Let me just start by saying that this is the first crossover book I have ever read. I really wasn’t sure if I would even like this since I haven’t read any of the Hope Falls series. I couldn’t resist the chance to read it since I love the River Bend series by the same author who wrote this book Molly Mclain. This was a novella but it definitely didn’t seem like it as I don’t feel like I missed much of the story. Ryan was on vacation and happened to see his old girlfriend who broke up with him after 3 yrs without even saying goodbye or even why. They managed to discuss exactly what went wrong when they were together 9yrs ago. The feelings they both had for each other 9 yrs ago are still very much still the same. However, they both know that they will have to say goodbye after a few days since they have their own lives in different states. That doesn’t stop them from enjoying each other for the few days they have together. What will happen when it’s time for Ryan to go home to River Bend? Does he just leave or do they try to figure out a way to be together? You’ll have to read this for yourself and find out. I really enjoyed this book.

I received an Arc by the author for a fair and honest review