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REVIEW – Coveted by Lexie DavisCoveted (Charming Bastards MC Book 2) by Lexie Davis
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When Scarlett Dawson woke up in the Charming Bastards Motorcycle Club she didn’t know where she was or why she was there. Discarded like trash, the straight-A college student was left in the parking lot with drugs in her system and no memory of how they got there. Scared and alone, she develops a bond with Jack “Joker” Wiley, the man that helped her through withdrawal.

Joker had seen a number of things since he patched in as a full member, but he’d never seen anything like Scarlett and her situation. Another motorcycle club used her as a pawn to get to the Charming Bastards MC and it worked like a charm. Now with a war going on and a woman of complete innocence caught in the middle, Joker must find a balance between the world he pledged loyalty to and the woman he coveted so bad it hurt.

This is the next book after Claimed and this one is just as good. Fantastic characters and most of them ride motorcycles, what else could you ask for?
Joker is not one that wants a family, or a girlfriend for that matter. He is happy being part of the motorcycle club where he could have any girl on any day of the week. Until Scarlet was thrown in their parking lot completely naked and high on drugs.
Scarlet and Joker are not the typical couple. But they work. This one has mystery and hunky motorcycle guys who like to party but they also will take care of their own. Joker is on a mission to find out who threw Scarlet in the driveway and when Joker finds this person, it won’t be a pretty site. This book has tons of excitment and kinky sex.
I can’t wait to read more from this author!