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REVIEW – Claimed by Lexie DavisClaimed (Charming Bastards MC Book 1) by Lexie Davis
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When her mother died, Layla Roberts gained custody of her three sisters, one of which was recently diagnosed with cancer. Working four jobs just to survive, she realized that she needed financial help from her father’s MC to keep herself afloat. The Charming Bastards were known for motorcycles, mayhem, and kink but she never realized how spellbinding the decadent pleasures could be until Silver, the vice president, made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

Tyke “Silver” Silverman had been infatuated with Layla since his first day as a full patch member. He always knew enough to keep his hands off. But, instead of obeying the rules set by her father, Silver offered to give her his personal money to help with her financial trouble if she would give herself to him.

Their intense bond takes an unexpected turn when Silver realizes his infatuation for Layla runs deeper. The consequences of his defiance could cost him everything. Can Silver figure out a way to smooth everything out or will he lose Layla and his club forever?

Layla Roberts is not a normal young woman. She helps take care of her sisters, and one has cancer. She goes to college, works way too many jobs but yet still can’t make enough to support even herself let alone her sisters. So she needs money, yes she could ask her dad but instead she goes to the one person who has liked her from the beginning. She will ask Silver for money and in return be his sex slave. Talk about a way to start the book!!
Layla and Silver are friendly one minute but can be at each others throats the next. That’s what makes this such a pleasure to read. You just don’t know what will happen with these two. Grab a copy. It’s a great read!