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REVIEW – Reindeer Games: Racing Wild by Ayla RuseRacing Wild (Reindeer Games) by Ayla Ruse
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Varian Swift of the Border Elves has two pressing desires: to win the finals in the annual Reindeer Games, and to find a mate before dawn. Randolwyn of the Wild Elves runs the Games' blacksmith shop. Once she thought she wanted a mate, but that was years ago, before a cruel trick made her turn her back on love. When an accident brings Varian to Randolwyn's shop, he's struck with the bone-deep knowledge that he's found his mate. But she doubts his claim, even as she's drowning in his kisses. Games are meant to have challenges, but with love on the line, games should take a back seat. Instead, this Christmas Eve becomes a race against the clock, a race to catch up, and a race to outrun those who dare to break them apart.


I really enjoyed this Christmas themed romance. It had a good plot and character development for such a short read. Time is running out for Varian to find a mate. In order to retire he must find his female before Christmas morning. When his reindeer injures his hoof, he enters the blacksmith shop to find it run by a beautiful female elf. The two elves feel a connection. I needn’t say more. This hot read was well done and I look forward to reading more by this author.