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REVIEW – Command by Nina LevineCommand (Storm MC, #7) by Nina Levine
Series: Storm MC #7
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Book 7 in the International Bestselling Storm MC series.Betrayal. Destruction. Loss.The Storm MC is a club in crisis and their new President, Scott Cole, has declared war on their enemy. As Scott takes command, the MC is thrust into the biggest battle in their history – a battle to not only save the club, but the lives of its members.Harlow James stands behind her man as he takes charge. She’s determined to prove she can be the woman he needs. However, somewhere along the way, she’s lost a piece of herself, and she fights to be strong for him when she feels anything but strong.As the club descends into chaos, Scott and Harlow are pulled in opposite directions while they try to protect everything that is important to them. Their relationship is tested in ways it never has been, but they cling to the faith they have in each other.Is faith enough to get you through when all appears to be lost? For Scott and Harlow, it may be the only thing that, in the end, will save them and the club.

Oh how I have missed Scott & Harlow and I didn’t even realize it until I started reading this book.

Scott & Harlow have been through some hard times.  The problems with Storm and their personal issues have definitely put a kink into their relationship.  With a lot of work and a lot of love these two become the explosive ultra sexy couple we know and love again.  And Scott is finally able to wipe out some of the problems with Storm.

And can I just say that I LOVE the new character we meet, Scarlett, I loved her immediately and I hope we get to see more of her in future installments of this series.