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Swoon Romance_Nashville Nights Box Set_Stacey Mosteller_Bookcover

Nashville Nights Boxed Set by Stacey Mosteller
Published by: Swoon Romance

Publication date: November 27th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance


Wyatt keeps his hand on the small of my back while we walk inside and doesn’t

remove it until after we’ve gone to the counter to pay. While we’re waiting for our turn on

the go­karts, he starts telling me how to operate one.

“The trick with go­karts is to not jerk the wheel. Just be smooth and keep from putting

the kart in a bind. In other words, hold your line fairly straight, turn as little as possible but

still make the turn as close as possible to the inside.”

He’s completely serious when he says this but all I can do is gape at him. Those

instructions made no sense whatsoever to me, but since I’m pretending like I know

exactly what’s going on, I nod my head and tell him, “I’ve got this. Are you ready to get

your ass handed to you pretty boy?”

Wyatt steps back, “Pretty boy? I’m no pretty boy babe. If you only knew how untrue

that nickname is.”

“Untrue? You are a pretty boy. Look at you Wyatt, It’s Sunday, you’re wearing a

button­up collared shirt and nice jeans. I’m wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt. I bet

your mom still picks out your clothes doesn’t she?”

Lifting an eyebrow, he leans closer to me and says, “Peyton, no one picks out my

clothes but me. However, if you’d like to apply for the position, I’ll gladly let you play dress

up with me.”

Oh he knows how to push my buttons. Placing my hands on his very solid chest, I

push him back. I’m not stupid; I know he let me push him back. He’s so much taller, and

so muscular, I know he could have easily stayed all up in my space but he moves back

until we’re no longer touching.

“You’re an asshole, ya know that?” Gah, just when I think that maybe I should take

Scarlett’s advice, he shows his true colors and I remember why I don’t want to like him.

He has a huge smirk on his face when he replies, “Whatever. C’mon pretty girl. Let’s

put your money where your mouth is.”

Ugh. I just want to slap that smirk off his face. “Money? Who said we were playing for


“It’s just an expression, Peyton. We aren’t playing for money.” I start to relax, but his

next words make me tense right back up, “We’re playing for information.”

“Information? What kind of information?” My voice actually squeaks at the end of the

sentence. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. What kind of information could he possibly

be interested in?

Wyatt grins, but it’s not exactly friendly. It’s more the smile a predator has right before

it goes in for the kill, “Whomever wins gets to ask a question. The loser has to answer.

You can’t take a pass, there are no dares, just honest answers.”

I’m now backed into a corner. I acted like I could beat him at these races, but I’ve

never so much as sat down in a go­kart, let alone tried to drive one. If I back out now

though, he’ll think I’m a coward and I’ll never live it down. Raising my chin, I agree to his

terms and his smile widens. Shit. I’m so screwed.


Save Me From Myself (Nashville Nights Book 1)

Tragedy and betrayal sent her running…
And now she’s starting over far away from the person she used to be.

Lyric Hayes tried to be the perfect daughter and the perfect girlfriend, but those days are over. She’s ready to begin again with a vow to herself: no relationships, no complications, and no turning back.

Easier said than done…

Confident, successful, and charming David Pearson makes her vow nearly impossible. He has it all, and David knows better than anyone not to judge someone by what’s on the surface. Wanting to own her heart, he’ll do anything to gain her trust and save her from herself. But David’s family could have secrets and baggage of their own, which could send Lyric packing and on the run once again. Is his past just another version of a song Lyric has heard before?

Never Wanted More (Nashville Nights 1.5)

Originally part of the Southern Seduction Box Set
Never Wanted More is book 1.5 in the Nashville Nights series
Peyton Williams is spoiled, entitled and a little too stuck up. The daughter of an influential Mayor and a socialite mother, she’s trying to get through college and make her own path. She’s perfectly happy being a loner until Spring semester when she gets not only a roommate, but a math tutor.

Wyatt Parker is the boy from the wrong side of town. Known as the son of the town tramp, he jumps at the scholarship to play basketball in Nashville where no one knows his roots. Spending this semester tutoring a friend’s snobby roommate wasn’t what he envisioned, but Peyton quickly gets under his skin.

Peyton never wanted more until she met Wyatt, but is she willing to be what he needs?

Everything I Shouldn’t: Jeremy & SarahBeth #1 (Nashville Nights Book 2)

It’s been eight days, sixteen hours and forty-seven minutes since life as I know it ended. I know, it sounds so melodramatic and teen-soap worthy, but it’s the truth. Eight days, sixteen hours and forty-seven minutes since David found out. Since he kicked Jeremy out, ended their friendship and told me I could never see him again.

I didn’t plan on David getting suspicious, and I definitely didn’t plan on getting caught. My selfishness has cost Jeremy everything, my brother won’t even look at me, Lyric must hate me for practically blackmailing her to keep silent and my best friend is barely speaking to me.

Now my life is full of secrets and lies. The people around me have been affected by the choices I’ve made and the lies I’ve told. But what will they do when they discover the biggest secret of them all?

Jeremy is everything I shouldn’t want, and the person I can’t live without.


Everything I Need: Jeremy & SarahBeth #2 (Nashville Nights Book 3)

SarahBeth Pearson has made mistakes, and I might just be the biggest one of them all. After spending months keeping secrets and lying to everyone close to us, it’s all fallen apart and we are each left alone to pick up the pieces.

I’ve loved SarahBeth in one form or another her entire life. The steps that brought us closer together weren’t easy for me to take. After letting her dictate our relationship, I’ve found myself practically homeless and estranged from my closest friends.

Now I’m left trying to move on, finding a new place to live and getting everything I need in order, while she’s trying to mend her broken heart. There’s just one problem…SarahBeth’s still keeping secrets – and her secret just might change everything.

Pretending He’s You (Nashville Nights Book 4)

Part One of Two

Olivia Barrett’s always had a weakness for bad boys and Tyler Chamberlain is no exception. His tattoos, his piercings, and even the fact that he has a girlfriend doesn’t keep her away.

Interested in Tyler since she first saw him pick up a guitar, she’s been trying to find ways to be with him for years. He’s the one Livvie runs to when she needs a friend, the one who makes her laugh and holds her when she needs to cry. Unfortunately, they are never single at the same time and sneaking around is getting old.

Now, tired of making bad decisions, Livvie’s making changes. Her friends are all starting to grow up and she doesn’t want to be left behind. Terrified her friends are moving on without her, she’s determined to make things work with Emmett, her on-again off-again boyfriend since high school.

The only problem? Tyler isn’t ready to let her go. Despite her boyfriend and his girlfriend, these two are drawn together like magnets. When she’s with Emmett she wishes she was with Tyler and vice versa.

Will Livvie ever get tired of pretending and pick one guy? Or will she keep bouncing back and forth between the two of them indefinitely?

Note: This book contains themes of infidelity which may be a trigger for some readers
*This book contains adult situations and is recommended for 18+


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Stacey is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author of Second Chances and Shadows of the Past (co-authored with H.M. Ward), the Nashville Nights, Two Sisters and Nashville U series (coming late 2015 from Swoon Romance).

She is also a wife, mother, writer and self-professed bookwhore – not necessarily in that order! As the mother of three growing boys, her Kindle has become her temporary escape from the insanity of boys, dogs and her husband. Stacey can usually be found curled up with her iPad when she’s supposed to be writing or creating endless Spotify playlists!

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