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Title: The Ghost Host
Author: DelSheree Gladden
Release Date: Oct 6, 2015
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Everyone thinks Echo Simmons is crazy, but being The Ghost Host isn’t just a YouTube hoax like people think. It’s the only way to control the ghosts haunting her…at least until the FBI shows up asking questions.
The first eighteen years of Echo Simmons’ life have been less than ideal. On more than one occasion her parents have considered committing her. They don’t believe she sees ghosts or that they harass her on a daily basis. So when a rogue ghost begins tormenting her, they’re the last people she’s going to tell. Her best friends Holden and Zara are doing their best to help, but ghost attacks are only the beginning of Echo’s problems.
Handling the ghosts by giving them a voice on YouTube through her webshow has been her saving grace—even if her parents think it’s all a hoax—but that gets a little complicated when the ghost of Madeline Crew reveals a little too much about her previous life and the FBI shows up at her door wanting to know how she gained access to long-buried government secrets.
It just keeps getting worse from there. Madeline’s message to her great grandson sparks a strange connection between Echo and Malachi, which leads to Georgia, secrets, mistakes, love, lies, and life changing revelations.
I LOVE stories that have anything to do with the spirit world and this is why I wanted to read this particular book. I am so glad I did! I enjoyed this book and the way the author writes. This is the first book I have read from this particular author but I know I will read more.

Now being in high school is hard any way you look at it but being able to see ghosts doesn’t help either. Echo has seen ghosts all her life but her parents have always thought it was a childhood fantasy and have never believed her. The only people who really believe her are her two friends and they will do anything to help keep her safe. But when one ghost won’t leave Echo alone, her friends are not sure how they can keep her safe anymore. Echo feels alone. I’d feel alone too if I was in her shoes. She’s eighteen, graduating in a few weeks and she see’s ghosts all the time, yeah she’s just a normal girl….NOT. This book has excitement and mystery and I could feel the sadness Echo feels because of the way the author wrote. My heart went out to Echo and I wanted to tell her I believe her but then I have to remind myself this is a book. The authors writing is so good that I forgot that this was a book. This is how I love my books I read to be. If I lose myself within the story, I know the author is a damn good one.

If you like mystery with excitement then grab yourself a copy and don’t wait! If you like ghost stories that are not your typical ghost story, this is one that isn’t typical. I can’t say enough about this book. Can Echo graduated like any other girl without ghost interfearance? Grab a copy and find out.
Somehow, I always knew the people I saw hovering around looking aimless were ghosts, and it never really bothered me. Sometimes I talked to them when I was little. They never talked back. Sometimes they would play with me, though. My mom used to tell people what a good baby I was, how I never cried or fussed. She thought she had just lucked out with an easy first kid. Really, I always had someone standing over my crib smiling at me or making silly faces. Ghosts really seem to like being around babies for some reason.
It wasn’t until I got a little older that I realized some of my ghostly friends were hanging around for a reason. A few of them were just lonely and either weren’t ready to move on or didn’t know how. I haven’t got a clue about how to send them on their way, so I figure the least I can do is keep them company.
Others, they had messages they wanted to pass on. At first, I didn’t know how to do that without getting into trouble. My mom refused to make phone calls or send my letters to who she deemed were random strangers. I found ways to get the letters in the mail, at least, without her knowing, but it wasn’t easy and they occasionally got sent back to us when the address proved inaccurate. Mom wasn’t happy when she found one and realized what I’d been doing.
Holden was the one who came up with the idea for the webshow. It made things a lot easier since my parents think it’s just a funny hoax we like to pull, and it gives us a hobby and keeps me out of trouble for the most part. That’s the biggest reason they let me do it. As I got older and more capable, more able to help the ghosts, they became more insistent. That’s when things got really bad.
Up until that point, I didn’t know the ghosts could affect my dreams, and not in a good way. The nightmares got progressively worse, morphing into full on night terrors. The headaches followed, though I’m still not sure if the ghosts were trying to talk to me, or just doing whatever they could to get my attention. Sometimes, their presence would become so oppressive as they tried to communicate that I would completely zone out… which sent my grades into the toilet and my behavior into the realm of unmanageable. The worst by far is when they try to touch me.

DelSheree Gladden lives in New Mexico with her husband and two children. The Southwest is a big influence in her writing because of its culture, beauty, and mythology. Local folk lore is strongly rooted in her writing, particularly ideas of prophecy, destiny, and talents born from natural abilities. When she is not writing, DelSheree is usually reading, painting, sewing, or working as a Dental Hygienist.