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REVIEW – Soul Solution by Katherine McIntyreSoul Solution (Beyond Fairytales) by Kathryn McIntyre
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For Erik Anderson, the Copenhagen line is his curse. He takes the train every night en route to collect souls. Like any lovelorn fool, he bargained his own long ago, and now pays the price—a lifetime of loneliness as a grim reaper. Stay distant—that’s been his mantra and what keeps him sane.

Until Mina Castner drops into his life like a whirlwind, one spilled drink leading to staying up until dawn with the woman. He believed one night couldn’t hurt, but he sorely underestimated her determination. Every encounter between them is a reprieve from the guilt of reaping souls every night, but it can’t last. Even if she sparks long buried feelings, and even if her sheer presence intoxicates him, he can’t let this continue. For humans, his touch is poison, and if he slips up, it could cost her life.


This is another well-written story in the Beyond Fairytales line. I was intrigued by the Erik being a soul collector and I thought the fantasy/paranormal element was written well. Erik has bargained with the devil and now has to collect 1,000 souls. He spends his nights clubbing and trying to avoid human interaction unless they are his intended targets. He is a well-developed character. I felt his guilt and distress.

Mina finds him at a Club and offers to buy him a drink. He hasn’t been on a date in a long time. One touch from him could be very harmful to her health. I can relate to her socially awkward, cat loving personality, but I thought she could have been developed a little better.

I had no idea how this story would result in a happy ending, but the author pulled it off. This is an easy read and will delight those looking for a light paranormal romance. Novella length it is a perfect book to grab when you don’t have much time.