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REVIEW – Don’t Speak by Deborah MelanieDon't Speak by Deborah Melanie
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Kane and Serena meet once a week for sex in an anonymous hotel. They have an agreement: silence is golden. No words are used at all during their weekly encounter. Is this the ideal sexual relationship or a one way ticket to a broken heart?


This was a good book with an ending I didn’t see coming.

A man and woman have a contract to meet at a motel room every weekend but they are not allowed to speak and she is the submissive to the man. They do the talking through looks and touch but are never allowed to speak. You can tell they have feelings for each other and you can tell there is more between them than this contract but I couldn’t pin point what it was until the very end of the book.

I really loved the writing in this book. It was so flowing and kept me, the reader completely interested with these two consenting adults. I will be looking for more books to read from this author.