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REVIEW – The Dance by McKinzie S. HeartElemental Seduction-The Dance by McKinzie S. Heart
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Rebecca’s had a horrible marriage. Though the divorce isn’t finalized, she has put as much distance between her and her husband as she could. She’s forlornly alone but safe. As she spends yet another night alone in her grandparents’ old farmhouse, strange unexplainable things begin to happen. Has Charles tracked her down or is it some unknown intruder setting her up? And what are these whispers that she’s now hearing? Are they real or in her mind? While she tries to sort out everything as it happens, she has no idea how much is at stake. Not only is her life in jeopardy, but she may very well lose her heart and soul. But that is exactly what might have to happen for her to give in to The Dance.


This was one very fantastic well written book! The storyline was one that was full of surprises and the characters were so well developed. McKenzie S. Heart has a way of pulling her readers into the story and not letting them take time to look away because they may miss something. The way she brought the element of wind into play was so fantastic. About time some one knows what power the elements can have on a person and how one person can connects to one particular element.
Rebecca was running from her crazy x-husband and she thought she had done a great job of it until he showed up in her house in the middle of the night threatening to kill her. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do so in order to get away from him, she ran outside into the wind. The wind is what saved her that night. She found out that the one thing that was protecting her and making her feel so loved all her life wasn’t a person but something stronger than she would ever realize.
By the end of this book, I had tears streaming down my eyes. The ending is a tear jerker for me but it’s such a beautiful story that I welcomed the tears. I know a book is really good when it provokes strong emotions from me and stays with me for days instead of leaving after I finish the book. Thank you so much McKenzie S. Heart for bringing such a beautiful story to life because this story will stay with me for a very long time. Such beautiful detail and the way everything came together in the end. Grab a copy because you are missing a great story if you don’t read this right now.