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REVIEW – The Rekindling by McKinzie S. HeartThe Rekindling by McKinzie S. Heart
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Hunter has lived as a nomad since his beloved wife's death, blaming himself for the accident that took her, foregoing comfort and home. After all, what is a home without Emily? But when he's facing death himself, the most unexpected things happen.


This was a moving story. I had tears in my eyes when this story ended.

When you lose the love of your life and wonder the “the what ifs” it’s hard to live your life anymore.

This is what happened to Hunter. He went out drinking with the boys instead of staying home with his wife. A tragedy that could’ve happened even if he stayed home. I love the journey that Hunter goes on and how the author shows the different stages of guilt that Hunter goes through. But how that journey ends is what brought tears to my eyes. Grab this book and enjoy the journey along with Hunter.