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REVIEW – Our Kinky Secret by Melissa SilveyOur Kinky Secret by Melissa Silvey
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I miss The Life, and by the life I mean being Mistress Burn. After years of being vanilla, of raising my kids, I need some me time. I need a submissive to practice on, so where do I go? Online, of course. I don't expect to get a response so quickly, nor one so intriguing. I haven't met him yet, and I'm already excited. So what happens when I meet him? You'll have to read to find out...

Adult, erotic content, 18 and over only.

Can you keep Our Kinky Secret?


This is a story about a woman that was a professional Dominatrix but stopped due to she wanted to raise her kids. It’s been six years since she has been in the lifestyle and since her kids are grown and in college, she is lonely and decides to go back into the lifestyle. This is where she always seems to go when she seems lost. She is rusty but the only way to get back in the swing of things is to find a submissive so she can practice and get better at dominating again.
Burnadette goes by Burn and she puts an ad on one of the sites she used to visit all the time. It doesn’t take long before Thad answers her. They go back and forth thru email and decide to meet in person and see if they are compatible. Being nervous is normal after being out of the lifestyle for 6 years but when you go to meet your new submissive and a movie star that you know who he is and you have drooled over more than once answers the door, you get even more nervous.
This story is about a woman who is looking for herself. She has lost herself with being a mother and she needs to know she is more than just a mother. She is a woman with needs and wants. Being a Dominatrix to a good submissive gives her what she is looking for. Being with Thad brings back all the feelings that she has been missing in her life. I love seeing how Burn opens up more as a woman and not just a dominatrix. Thad and her are a good match and I hope there will be another story that continues with their relationship. Because if there is another story, I will be one for sure that will read it. I’m a fan from now on of Melissa Silvey!