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REVIEW – The Nines by Dakota MadisonThe Nines by Dakota Madison
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USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Dakota Madison and Sierra Avalon team up to bring readers a new breed of antiheroes…THE NINES.

Vengeance is mine not the Lord’s. It’s what I breathe for. It’s what I’m still living for. I live for the moment when I will literally have his eye for mine. It’s been two years. Two long and difficult years, but my plan is nearly complete. When I’m not in a hospital having doctors try to repair my ravaged body I spend my time on the computer, doing hacking jobs for large corporations and governments who don’t want to get their hands dirty or be associated with a job if things go sideways. But they don’t have any reason to worry. I’m meticulous, so I’ll never get caught. Just one thing stands in my way: The mysterious young woman without a past who desperately wants to be part of my future. I just need to figure out why…

THE NINES is an ongoing romantic suspense series. Each book can be read as a STAND ALONE NOVEL or as PART OF THE SERIES


I like how this story is different from the others that I have read before. I like how the author put in a little computer nerd/hacker spin on Alex in the story. Of course I like that since I am a little bit of a computer nerd myself. This was a very different spin on the college life than most books out there. A little bit of mystery and a little bit of love added in to make the story complete. It will be interesting to read the other books that are part of this series and see how they will go along with this book.