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REVIEW – Take A Chance, Cowboy by Lacey WolfeTake A Chance, Cowboy by Lacey Wolfe
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Can a city girl heal a cowboy's broken heart?

Nathan Carver gave up on love long ago after a betrayal he wasn't sure he could ever get over. When Angie Simms arrives in town to help his brother's fiancée with their upcoming wedding, she stirs things in him that he hasn't felt in a long time. Things he doesn't want to feel. So he pushes her away.

Angie wants what she wants, and doesn't always think before she speaks. When she lays eyes on sexy cowboy Nathan, she's determined to find out what caused his brooding attitude. She can tell right away that he's not someone to play with. He's got a layer of hurt around his heart, which makes him that much more attractive.

The feisty woman is determined to make Nathan her conquest, but will he take a chance on Angie?

Content Warning: contains adult language and sexual situations


This is a great book! I loved the characters. They all seemed down to earth and really believable.

This story is about how the past can damage your outlook on your future until your future is right in front of you. The heart  wants what the heart wants but you have to be ready to hear what your heart is saying.  Nathan Carver had his heart broke in million of little pieces. His fiancee was found to have a husband already and Nathan was the last to find this out.  His outlook on love was not a good thing. That is until Angie walked into his barn. He knew she was the one but she was only there for his brothers wedding and she would leave. Could he change her mind? He knew one thing, he wanted to get to know her.

Angie was there for her best friends wedding and that’s it, she didn’t expect to like a cowboy. Nathan Carver was a hunk and she craved his touch as soon as she seen him. She was there for the wedding but maybe she could have fun with him until she left. She didn’t want to get involved with anyone because of her problems back home. Her mother was into drugs and a drunk and her sister were following the same path, she couldn’t leave them, they needed her! So when Nate and her were alone, they attacked one another. One of my favorite times in the book was after the first time they attacked one another and the conversation they had. I couldn’t stop laughing. I love books like this that can make me laugh and then almost cry in the next second. This is one of those books!

This has real life problems, along with humor and two people who need one another but so afraid of what could be. You really need to read this book! I can’t wait to read more!!