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REVIEW – Love Anew by K.C. SprayberryLove Anew by K.C. Sprayberry
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A promise to wait forever shatters from doubt. Doubt in her fiancé and doubt in herself causes Treena Andrews to make a choice she comes to regret. Fifteen years later, can she make the broken pieces of her life whole?


This is the second book I have read from this talented author. Her characters make you feel their pain, their love, their joys and plenty of disappointment at times.

Treena and Rick were engaged to be married before he left for the Marines and he promised her that he would be back right after training. But when he gets a chance at a job with the Marines that he can’t say no too, he goes and never does get to see Treena again. They say while the cats away the mouse will play. Another guy by the name of Jamison told Treena that Rick didn’t love her enough to come home, that he was probably sleeping with every girl that would fall into his bed. Treena started to believe what Jamison was saying. Personally I do believe Jamison could sell a freezer to an Eskimo. Lies are the only truth Jamison will ever believe.

True love doesn’t end just because the two people that are meant to be together can not be at that moment. Jamison was just like Treena’s father..a bitter excuse for a human being and only cared for himself. I felt the pain when Jamison threw Treena out of the house and was not happy when the Judge was on her side when it was time to divorce her. Rick may have left her but he never stopped loving her and she never stopped loving him.

My eyes teared up reading about Treena’s and Rick’s relationship. Being far away isn’t good for a relationship but you always believe it will work out. Always have to have hope and if there was no hope, then I doubt the end of this book would be as good as it is. Takes alot to turn your back on what you know is your life and try to start over. I could feel everything that Treena was feeling. This author knows how to make her characters so life like that you are totally invested in their lives and just can’t stop till they are done!   Please give this book a chance. It is written with total honesty and real feelings between these people. I believe that if more people where like Treena and Rick, the world may have more people who want to fight for what they believe in and not just giving into circumstance. Keep up the good work !!!