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REVIEW – Last Chance by K.C. SprayberryLast Chance by K.C. Sprayberry
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The tragic death of their child in a horrific fire scars Keri-Lynne and Jack Montrose in ways they never could have imagined, driving them apart for eighteen years. It is only when the truth of the fire comes out that they have one last chance to accept and embrace the love that they buried for so long.


This story was written very well and the story brought tears to my eyes, especially at the very end.

Keri-Lynne believed in the power of herbs and her mother had cancer and no Dr. could help heal her mom, so Keri just knew she could get this horrible disease out of her mom. She also had a beautiful three month old daughter by the name of Caty. Caty was her mom and dads pride and joy. They were a happy family until that horrible day when an explosion took the life of their precious Caty and Keri-Lynne ran into the flames to try and save her daughter. Keri-Lynne lived but her daughter did not.  Jack had just pulled up right before the explosion and really couldn’t do anything except watch his life as he knew it end right then.

This story brought forth plenty of emotions. A love that was between two people who had a beautiful baby girl who was their whole life and now she is gone. How do you go on with your life after you lose a child? The child you gave life too only to end up having your child’s life be taken away. How do you come back from this horrible tragedy? Keri-Lynne wanted to die and all Jack wanted was to love her and heal together.

Love gone and lost only to be found again after years of believing the lies. When one finally comes clean with the entire truth and that truth sets free all the demons, this is when love starts to heal the heart again. Grab a copy and read this book. Grab some tissue because this one will touch your heart. The big surprise at the end  is what really brought it all together.