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REVIEW – Surrender to Me by Tara Fox HallSurrender to Me by Tara Fox Hall
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Former aristocrat turned lowly vampire Devlin Dalcon gets by on his supernatural charm, swindling others for money and goods. When Devlin encounters bride-to-be Annabelle—another potential victim—he finds the tables have turned as he falls in love with her.


Devlin Dalcon is a lowly vampire and gets by with using his supernatural charm and by swindling people for goods and money. This is the only way he survives most of the time. But when he meets Bride To Be Annabelle, he sees her at first as another victim but the more he learns about her the more he loves her but he’s a vampire, what kind of life would they have. Any how if she knew what he was, she would never give him a chance.

I love the writings of Tara Fox Hall. This story is about a vampire who falls in love with a human girl whose father is a lord. When they finally are together and he tells her exactly what he is,she isn’t scared but helps him to make plans for them to go away together and live a happy life. But things don’t always work out like you plan them too. Devlin and Annabelle risk a lot to be together but each of them are willing to risk everything because of the love they have found with each other.

This book made my eyes misty at times because watching what Devlin is willing to do and go through just to be with Annabelle is so sweet to me. He is willing to risk his own life to be with her forever. Annabelle finds out what Devlin is and she isn’t scared and admits she loves him just as much as he does her. She helps makes plans to get out of town and go somewhere that her fathers men could not find them.  This book has adventure, suspense and sadness and fighting. Everything I love in a book. If you like stories that draw you in from the first few paragraphs, I feel this is one for you. Plenty of action and love between the two characters that should never be allowed. But you can’t chose who you love, even if they are technically dead. If you have ever read any of this authors stories, then you know that they keep you invested until the very end. Grab a drink, sit down and read a great story. I have said it before and I will keep saying it. Tara Hall is a fantastic writer and she can write all different kinds of stories. Get ready for an exciting adventure.