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REVIEW – The Oath by Tara Fox HallThe Oath by Tara Fox Hall
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Within weeks, vampire Danial Racklan has captivated young widow Sarelle and drawn her deep into his dark, dangerous world. Confessing his love, Danial has asked for Sarelle’s Oath, a formal binding between vampire and human lovers. But while a promise of everlasting love sounds like Heaven to most young women, Sarelle has agonized over the decision for months, unsure of taking the final step of Oathing to Danial. Yet this Christmas Eve, Sar impulsively decides to speak the vow that will change her life for all time.


The more I read these books from Tara Fox Hall, the more I love her writings and the way she tells a story. This also has other books that tell more about the relationship of these two main characters and I will be reading them as well.

Danial is an old vampire who has fallen in love with Sarelle who is a widow. Danial has vowed his love to her and he wants her to take the “Oath” to him. She already wears his scars proudly on her neck where he has taken blood from her, but what is keeping her from making the full commitment to Danial. Yes, he has to have humans to come to allow him to feed on them to keep him alive and healthy but she was getting use to that, wasn’t she?

This is a love story between a human and a vampire. You can tell they both truly love each other and Danial only wants to protect Sarelle for as long as she will allow him too. He takes great care of her, shows her how much he loves her, how much he appreciates her, but why won’t she completely take the oath with him? He has even met her parents. I can understand Sarelle’s hesitation. She was once married to the love of her life and now a vampire loves her and she loves him. They are so different but yet the same. What will she do?
I loved both characters. Both were very easy to love. Danial is such a caring vampire, always trying to make sure Sarelle is happy and well cared for wanting for nothing. He doesn’t rush her into taking the oath, he lets he decide on her own when and if she is ready to be his fully. I can feel the love between both of these characters coming off the page. To find true love like this something we all strive for and very few find it let alone with a vampire. Read this story and you won’t be disappointed. If you like vampires with an old charm but still knows how to make a woman feel wanted, this is the book for you.