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REVIEW – Man Up by Tara Fox HallMan Up by Tara Fox Hall
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Less than a year ago Callie had been a woman, but through exposure to experimental hormone therapy from an industrial accident, she had woken up one morning in bed with her boyfriend to discover that she possessed the ‘equipment’ of a man. The shock had not been the physical equipment so much as how quickly she had grown to like being a man instead of a woman. Then came meeting Cheryl at the lowest point during her transformation. She had fallen for the sexy blonde before she understood that her desires had changed along with her body.

The last six months have been sure bliss for both of them, but when Callie proposes marriage to Cheryl, she turns her down, fearing that Callie may change back into a woman, and Cheryl wants a man. The two of them go their separate ways, and in this sequel to “Grow a Pair”, Callie decides to experience life as a man free of constraints, hooking up with a virgin, living with a couple where the husband likes to watch his wife with other men, as well as having a variety of other adventures, until things begin to change…again.


This is part two of the first book called “Grow a Pair” and this story took off right from where the first one stopped. I am totally hooked on Tara Fox Hall’s books.

In the first book Callie, went to bed one night a girl and woke up the next morning with a penis. The reason being Callie was exposed to experimental hormone therapy from an industrial accident. Callie turned from Callie to a Cal within twenty-four hours and she/he had a lot to deal with and not sure how or where to start.
Cal was living with his girlfriend Cheryl and Cheryl knew what had happened to Cal. They loved each other or so Cal had thought until he proposed marriage and Cheryl turned him down because of the “what ifs”. What if he went back to being a girl and then he wouldn’t love her and Cheryl really wanted a man not a girl. So they went their separate ways.

Cal had interesting adventures throughout this book and he tried to deal with feelings he had. Problem is once he went away from the town where the change started taking place, other places made the hormone effect wear off a little. Cal had to decide what he wanted to be and what he wanted to do with his life. Did he want to stay a man? Or did he want to return back to being a women. He turned this time into a learning experience. He still thought about Cheryl, even through all his experiences while they were not together.

I’m not going to tell you what happens anymore through the story. I think this story is great for a few reasons. One because it does look toward the future and what could happen and how would you handle this situations. Also, the author lets you see this through the eyes of the girl turning guy and all the feelings that go with this situation. Callie/Cal seems like a great person either way and I honestly think the author caught all the feelings and possible problems that could arise. So grab this book and sit down and put yourself in Callie/Cal’s position and see how you would handle this kind of surprise. I am always going to be a fan of Tara Fox Hall’s!