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REVIEW – Grow A Pair by Tara Fox HallGrow a Pair by Tara Fox Hall
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When dramatic changes begin to occur in Callie, she fears they may be the result of a chemical spill from a plant ten miles from where she lives. Catching her boyfriend cheating on her, she moves in with a woman, but her attraction to her new roommate makes her question her own sexuality. Is she really falling in love with a woman? How can she possibly explain what is going on inside her own body and that her transformation may not be complete? Her roommate will surely think she has lost her mind.


This book was such a wonderfully written story by an author that knows how to reach for something that may not be normal in real life but can make it totally normal in her story.
When Callie went to sleep with her boyfriend Bob, she was a girl with a vagina but when she woke up the next morning she was a girl with a hard penis. Talk about being totally confused! What the heck is happening, she kept wondering.

OMG I loved the storyline of this book. I’m not sure exactly what I would do if I woke up with a penis. The author put humor in this story right when it was needed. Tara Fox Hall let you know how Callie was feeling and how her body and her feelings changed as he body changed. I have to say I loved this book because of the way it’s written, not all serious but throwing both seriousness and humor all in one.

Pick up a copy and you won’t be sorry. Callie “Cal” goes on a change and it’s a hard idea to get used to but throughout the entire story, Cal never was made to feel awful for what was happening and she found a true friend who was there to help in the process. I can’t wait to read more from this great talented author.