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Love Under Construction Series by Deanndra Hall includes:

The Groundbreaking
Whoa – let me get off the tilt-a-whirl called The Groundbreaking which is the Novella/Character Introduction to this hot new series (Love Under Construction) and it’s a plethora of information, almost to the point of information overload.  Now, let’s get the bad quickly out of the way.
#1 The Groundbreaking and Tearing Down Walls have minor rape scenes in them and I am beyond ticked off that there was no warning about that anywhere.  Minor you say??? Well I use that term because while you definitely got the point, they weren’t overly graphic and as I got further into the two full-length novels I realized the importance of those scenes, however I am still ticked off over the lack of warning.
#2 These books are a bit more vulgar and some of the sexual content is cringeworthy rather than swoonworthy.  However I have quickly learned in these books, that things aren’t always what they seem and that things you think might be unimportant turn out to be very important later on. 
Laying A Foundation

Now that is out of the way.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SERIES.
At first, it was a love/hate relationship that was developing between me and this book.  There are some chapters that I cringed through, and at one point I thought “oh hell no, if this book goes there I’m done, not reading anymore”.  Thank God, it didn’t go there because there is a lot to love about this book.  Like the big huge extremely strong Italian family bonds.  This book really highlights the true Italian-American family unit, we are loving, strong-willed people, and if you do right by us, you are family, not just a friend.  Several times throughout this book I had to wonder if this Author is a long lost relative of mine, I mean my great grandmother’s name was Raffaella, I’m sure in my family tree’s I can find several Marco’s, Bartolomeo’s, Federico’s, Benecio’s and Antonio’s.  The Italian dishes mentioned in the story are, as I would make them myself.  This made me feel right at home with family.  So, while the vulgar sexual aspects downplayed the book to me, the story as a whole and the amazing ending has me completely hooked.  This series falls into my Fifty Shades way of thinking, you have to read everything in order to “get it” and those who don’t do that, as far as I’m concerned, have no valuable opinion, because they don’t have all of the information, the entire picture.  I can already tell I’m going to cringe through some of Tearing Down Walls (Book 2) but I’m too in love with Laura and Vic not to continue on.
Laying A Foundation contains such a great story that even without the scorching hot lustable mancandy with blazing libido’s it would still be 5 star worthy.
Favorite Line:

“It was a damn shame she hadn’t had more lead time or she could’ve gone to the hospital and found someone with the flu to infect her so she could have a legitimate excuse to avoid this…” 

Nikki’s thinking about having to meet Tony’s mother for the first time.  THAT IS HILARIOUS!
Tony Walters has a wonderful strong loving family, a successful business, great children and more money than he really knows what to do with, the only thing missing is someone to share it all with.  After his disastrous marriage Tony has pretty much sworn off women, that is until he starts noticing Nikki at the local gym.
Nikki has been through hell and back and is struggling to piece her life back together and move on and the one thing that will help her move on more than anything is the one thing she’s certain has no interest in her, any man.  That is until she starts daydreaming about the hunk she sees at the local gym.
Tony and Nikki are an over 40 something couple finally getting everything in life they had hoped for but never really knew was missing.  Their courtship is amazing and somewhat old fashioned with a modern twist.
Neither of them has a clue that the world they are working to build is under attack, will they survive it? 
Tearing Down Walls
Oh how appropriately named this book is.  Book 2 in the Love Under Construction Series is just….just… well hell, I don’t know if I can find the words to appropriately describe how much I love this Series so far.
I was right when I said previously that I would be cringing through some of this book, and I did.  But oh my the revelations, family secrets, tragedies and lunatic stalking definitely overshadowed the cringe for me.
Zio Vic has some issues, we learned that in the first book.  Suddenly he thinks he might be faced with a possible solution for his issues.  He is supported by Tony and Nikki in his efforts to get past his issues and to have what Tony and Nikki have.  Or is it what Tony has??????
Laura has been on the run ever since that tragic day the bomb went off and sent her into hiding, but now she has been found and needs protection in the way of a giant beautifully handsome Italian that she is completely comfortable and uncomfortable around.
Vic and Laura’s wounds go much deeper than I was able to imagine, the shock I had upon discovering ALL of the truth was pretty strong and suddenly everything clicked into place.  But the struggle it takes Vic and Laura is nothing short of amazing, to see these people go through all of that and come out the other side with so much love and hope made Tearing Down Walls my favorite book so far in this series.  I can’t wait for more, I’m sooooooooo hoping book 3 will be about Steve!  Ohhhh I didn’t mention Steve before?  Pick up this series to find out more about Steve and all the other amazing characters. 
This Series has it all, true love, stunning romance, humor, hot as hell sex, drama, suspense, murder, evil plans, and deeply hidden secrets.

At the time of posting – The Groundbreaking was free on Amazon and Laying A Foundation was only $0.99 and the recently released Tearing Down Wallswas $4.99
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