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Los Zeta Cartel Collection by AJ Adams

The Bonus

Wow this book was really good. I’d already read Dirty Dealings so being able to go back and see the way Kyle and Chloe’s relationship began was a lot of fun. Poor Chloe she had such a hard life but she’s a tough cookie and she was lucky to meet Kyle. Even though Kyle is not going to win person of the year award he truly loves Chloe and will do anything to keep her safe. The connection between them is there from the start and I liked that. Chloe manages to become a part of Kyle’s world by staying loyal to him and Arturo. I’m happy they got their happy ending.



Wow this book was crazy! Loved it! Solitaire is badass and Arturo well he’s was really creepy in The Bonus but now we get to see him in a whole new light. I was not expecting what happened to Solitaire and the bad guy, I figured out who it was two or three chapters before the reveal but there was still a twist I didn’t see coming. The ending was intense. A really great book.


Dirty Dealings

This was a really interesting story. Quique is part of the Mexican mafia sent to London to take care of a project while there he runs into Natalia a normal everyday British chick except she’s not normal. She’s done some things to protect her family and she would do it again. So Quique and Natalia have this love/hate relationship until about half way through the book and that’s where most of the action happens. I found the second half of the book more interesting because it was one thing after another after another. The first half of the book is more the set up and description of both characters and their lives. I’m not used to reading mafia type stories so this was a really cool read.