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Review: One Wrong Glance by Deanndra HallOne Wrong Glance by Deanndra Hall

Parents are supposed to love their kids, not kill them. Right?
At least that's what Malcolm Collins thought, but when a string of racially-motivated hate crimes bears his father's signature quotes from over the years, what is he supposed to think? One clue after another pile up to threaten him and his Citadel bodyguard, Wendy Ryan, even as they struggle to forge a love relationship. Everything gets derailed over one crazy, kinky night, and they both think things couldn't get worse. Unfortunately, that's before one simple glance between them in the presence of his parents ignites a firestorm. It won't be easy to snuff out, and it may even cost someone their life.
Join Wendy, Malcolm, and the entire group of Walters friends and family in a steamy, kinky end to the Citadel series. One Wrong Glance is a heartbreaking tale that shows you how powerful simple words can be--power that's not always for the good.
Finish off Citadel and get ready for the Legacy series - grab this emotionally-charged read today!

Omg this book made me cry so much! It was such a roller coaster of emotions. Wendy and Malcolm start out great and things quickly go bad. I felt so bad for both characters. They really had a hard time communicating. As always the Walters’ clan and all the friends are around to give them moral support and eventually Wendy and Malcolm manage to fix their relationship. The reveal of who the bad guy was, was quite surprising and I wasn’t expecting that to happen to Malcolm or Wendy. And the ending! WTF?!!! Never in a million years did I think that was gonna happen and always with the cliffhangers. Now I’m sad and just want to know what will happen next.


Christine gives One Wrong Glance