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REVIEW – The Moon and Stars by Trinity BlacioThe Moon and Stars by Trinity Blacio

Putt, putt, bang. A small, beat-up Beetle sputtered to a stop in the beach parking lot. With his sharp vision, Vance watched as a large woman with black hair down to her waist climbed out of the car and cussed.“I swear, I should have sold you like Dad wanted me to, you piece of shit!” she yelled and kicked the tire. Then, she stopped and stared around her. She turned and moved her gaze up until it landed on their balcony. He heard her gasp, and she leaned against her car to keep her steady as all three of them jumped off the balcony, landing perfectly on their feet, and approached her.She shook her head and backed up onto the deserted, private beach. “I don’t know if I’m up to this. Three of you?” Her voice cracked and her dark-green eyes grew larger as she looked at each of them.Vance came toward her from the front, while Beau circled around behind her and Lance came in from her left side.“You were made for us. My name is Vance Warren.”Beau moved up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, holding her. He nuzzled her neck. “My name is Beau. I’m a year younger than my brother Vance.”“And I’m Lance, the baby of the family.” Lance gaze traveled down her body. “You’re beautiful.” He wound a strand of her long hair around his finger and leaned in, smelling it.Vance cupped her face and kissed her lips softly. “Tell us your name, small one.”She snorted and stared up at him when he broke the kiss. “I’m far from small, but my name is Chance Duvall, and before you three do anything more, I need to tell you something.” She tilted her head up and narrowed her gaze.“I have a five-year-old son, Todd, and if you can’t accept him, I’m out of here. I don’t care how painful or needy I become.”Vance didn’t like the idea of her having a son already, but they wouldn’t lose her. He was part of her. “How old were you when you had him, and where is his father?” Vance kept the anger out of his voice when we really wanted to murder the man who touched what was his.

I’ve always Loved Trinity Blacio’s books since the very first one I read. (Master of the Cats).
She writes in two of my favorite genre’s Menage and Paranormal.  I jump at the chance to read any of her books.

The Moon and Stars I loved it, way too short and a bit rushed. But she still wrapped a story, characters and scene into something that turned out to be a fun read.

The bit sassy and curvy female, that is a single mom. Yep loved it. The male wrap themselves into her and claim her as theirs and set out to show her how much a part of their lives she will be.

Some don’t seem so happy about it and takes measures on putting and end to their happiness, Chances men being who they are all up for answering the challenge.

Even though it was hella short I think Trinity did a good job in mixing hot scenes, personalities and story together.   enjoy.

Daria gives The Moon and the Stars