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REVIEW – Fletcher by AJ AdamsFletcher by A.J. Adams
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ExcerptAs revenge tales go, mine was rapidly turning sour. A day earlier I’d been on track, discovering the bastard Ranulf’s name, getting a general location and finding a thrall who’d get me right into his lair. Now I was stuck with a contract, working cheap, for Apollo’s sake, and committed to a second job so demeaning that it would get me into endless arguments with even my own Guild.Also, being stuck in Caern was going to be dangerous. I would have plenty of people after me, looking for revenge, and working for the constable meant they would all know where to find me.To top it all, my thrall was prone to erupting into a foul-mouthed rant at the slightest provocation, determined to run away, and I couldn’t turn my back on her, seeing she was more than capable of taking me out.
BlurbWare Fletcher returns to find his home destroyed. Determined to avenge his family, he buys Lind, a thrall whose skills will secure his revenge. However, Ware quickly discovers that Lind is extremely difficult. Worse, she’s determined to run away - and if it’s over his dead body, that’s fine with her!
Fletcher is set in Prydain, an imaginary place that combines Anglo-Saxon England with Medieval England, the Teutonic Kingdom and the Viking Age. This story contains slavery, dubious consent and graphic violence, however, it is a love story rather than a dark romance. It is a standalone novel; no cliff-hangers.

This book was great! I loved being in the world of Prydain again! Ware and Lind are a very unlikely couple but they have a great connection and as the story progresses they both get to learn what it’s like to live in each others world. Ware is on a quest and he’s determined to do anything to achieve his goal but it’s not easy. There are so many people who are against him he has to fight hard. Lind is just living her life the way she wants to and fighting back the only way she knows how regardless of the consequences. Both of them together are a force to be reckoned with. Can’t wait to see what else comes from the Prydain world.