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REVIEW – One Last Fling by Leela Lou Dahlin

REVIEW – One Last Fling by Leela Lou DahlinOne Last Fling by Leela Lou Dahlin
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Event planner Daisy Maxwell has never been lucky at love, but her family’s financial issues convince her to toss her hat in the ring to be the Billionaire’s Bride. If all else fails, she figures she at least has a shot at planning the winner’s wedding. She never expects to meet a man—the wrong man—at the first event, a sexy chef who charms her and makes her believe there’s love at first bite.
Chef Ryder Blake has a problem…well, two. First, he’s met the most amazing woman at the best but worst time of his life. Daisy is a morsel of sexy and sweet all rolled into one dynamite package he’d love to sample. But his second issue is a little more complicated… He can’t tell Daisy—or anyone—he’s the secret billionaire seeking a bride before his thirtieth birthday or he’ll lose his inheritance. Daisy is definitely bride material, but he’s not sure he’ll survive the pressure, especially after she proposes one last fling before she plans to say “I do.”

This was a fun book about a billionaire who has to marry a woman by his 30th birthday so that he can inherit the family money or else it goes to charity and how he fell in love with a woman along the way. I liked how Ryder and Daisy connect with each other even though they come from two different worlds and that they were able to make the relationship work through all the challenges they had.